Jean Dunand,

client: Éditions Norma, Paris
book: Jean Dunand
authors: Félix Marcilhac, Amélie Marcilhac

Monograph on an important Art deco artist: Jean Dunand. Sculptor, painter, goldsmith, copperplate and most of all lacquer artist and decorator. He was the first one in Europe to learn the Japanes art of lacquering, from a Japanese master. He made portraits of important people of his time such as Jeanne Lanvin, Louiseboulanger, Josephine Baker and many others. He also decorated the houses of big personalities such as Madame Agnès, Charles Templeton Crocker as well as cruise ships like L’Atlantique and Normandie.
The typography from the thirties in use for the titles anchors the style in Dunand’s time, while maintaining a modern approach. The image placement style and the general minimalistic approach confer a clean result.
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